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The 21st Century Way of Showing Employee Appreciation

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this scenario: Your corporation is hosting their annual ‘outing.’ You’ve rented out the local conglomerate hotel ballroom. Its formal dress and spouses/dates are encouraged to accompany. Maybe its a holiday party. An awards gala. Perhaps just an event just to show how much you really care about your employees by having a ‘fun’ night of entertainment.

99% of the time… these events suck. They’re uncomfortable. Stuffy. Sure there’s an open bar… but no one wants to be that drunk person that colleagues remember for years to come. You even hired a DJ. He might even be amazing… but no one wants to be seen dancing. You might even have a really fun, hip company culture… yet tonight, something is different. Its the atmosphere. Its cliche. Its downright painful.

Something needs to change.

Solution: Bring the party to your company… not the company out to party.

Now I’m sure you love your employees like family and truly want to provide them with an experience that they’ll remember, but its the 21st century now. Employees want their events like their company: creative & innovative. I know you want to show them your company deeply cares for them. You want to deliver an experience where they feel comfortable; provide a memory that they can hold on to that says “Damn. I love working here.” You just don’t know how. Its time to be different. Let me show you how.

Its all about social atmosphere.

Each company is unique. Why not have a one-of-a-kind function? How? Bring the party to the office and transform the space. Here’s why:

  1. Comfort. Your employees are already comfortable at the office. Don’t take them somewhere out of their element. With a little pipe & drape, lighting, and cocktail tables, you can go from typical office to night on the town. Lighting color sets the mood. A scene like this, they can’t help but be fun and social. Its biological. (And no spouses/dates makes for less pressure- save that for a family appreciation day).
  2. Budget. Renting a place can be expensive. There’s the room rental fee, catering, validating parking, additional vendors… Eliminate that. Rent some plush lounge decor, serve some high end appetizers rather than full course meals, hire a good bartender with a specialty cocktail, and a background DJ/playlist with great music… voila. Costs you a third overall, and twice as much fun.
  3. Convenience. You don’t want to take up your employees’ weekend or late evening. And you don’t want them driving far from their home to attend some ‘employee appreciation party’ — they’ll feel the opposite if it takes effort. Make it a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night… let everyone get out early and enjoy their late afternoon right there at the office. Also, its also a lot less risky than renting a bar, as employees will be more responsible having a few cocktails at work where they’re monitored, rather than driving to a venue and from.
  4. Culture. Your company’s greatest asset is its culture. Don’t do anything to change that. Do your best to enhance it; let it grow. Nothing does that better than showing your employees that their company has gotten with the times. Be a 21st century company. Throw them a 21st century party. Right here at the place you all can call home.

And don’t just stop at employees. These techniques are great for clients: new and loyal. Check out this blog for more on Client Appreciation events. Scroll below for booking information.

LED furniture instantly create a unique & open an social atmosphere

This is at the office of a Fortune 100 Company

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This article was written by David J. Rubin of Boppers Events LLC. 10+ Years of MC, DJ, & Specialty Event Planning. Boppers proudly serves the entire Tri-State and New England region.

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