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  • Is Innovative Inflatables Insured?
    Yes, Innovative Inflatables is fully insured with a 3 million dollar liability policy. All company owned vehicles are insured.
  • How much room do I need for my inflatable rental?
    The space required for an inflatable can vary greatly. Our smallest inflatable rentals are approximately 13’ x 13’. The largest inflatable rentals are as big as 40’x 60’. Per inflatable regulations, there needs to be a 3 foot buffer zone around the entire inflatable.
  • Who sets up the inflatable rental?
    An Innovative Inflatables representative sets up and picks up all inflatables as part of the price quoted.
  • How does the bounce house stay inflated?
    All inflatables are inflated with a fully enclosed blower motor. The blower motor must run continuously. The blower is designed so that no moving parts are exposed. The blower must be within 100 feet of an electrical outlet.
  • Can I cancel my inflatable rental?
    Yes. You can cancel your inflatable rental more than 7 days before the event date with no charge to you. If you cancel within 7 days you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee which will be charged to the credit card on file. This fee is good for one year from original cancellation.
  • What is the policy for inclement weather (rain or wind)?
    If local weather is calling for rain and/or high winds (15mph or greater), both you and a representative from Innovative Inflatables will speak and come to an agreement before the delivery of the inflatable. No refunds will be given after the inflatable is set up. If the bounce house gets wet, everyone should exit the inflatable, turn the blower off and unplug it. THE BOUNCE HOUSE IS UNSAFE TO BE USED WHEN WET OR IN HIGH WINDS. Cover the inflatable as best as you can with tarps or flip inflatable completely over. Once the rain stops or winds die down re-inflate the inflatable. If it is wet, the customer can towel dry the inflatable. Once the inflatable is dry, the unit is safe to use. If the inflatable gets returned to us wet, a drying fee will be applied to the credit card on file.
  • Can the inflatable be used indoors?
    Yes. Our inflatable rentals can be set up inside. You will need to have adequate ceiling height to accommodate the inflatable, as well as notify us so we can supply our sand bag anchoring system.
  • Can the inflatable be set up on pavement?
    Yes, provided the area is free of obstructions and pot holes. Notify us, so we can bring a tarp and our sand bag anchoring system.
  • Does Innovative Inflatables schedule evening rentals?
    Yes. Evening inflatable rentals are allowed. However adequate lighting is required when using the inflatable past dusk and prior arrangements must be made. Innovative Inflatables can provide lighting for an additional fee.
  • How safe are bounce houses and/or inflatable rentals?
    Our inflatables are constructed with quality and safety in mind and meet or exceed all federal regulations. All inflatables have ramps or steps to enter or exit the inflatable for safety. Our inflatables are constructed with fire retardant vinyl and mesh. This allows for proper supervision and reduces the chance of entanglement. Each inflatable is equipped with non-removable safety rule list. An Innovative Inflatables representative will go over an operational check list with you upon set up of the inflatable.