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Wedding DJ & Event Services In CT, Westchester, NY & Boston, MA

The Kind Of Wedding Guests Rave About For Years To Come

You are unique – and so is your wedding day. Boppers Events has more than 30 years of experience creating magic moments for brides and grooms and will work with you to create your perfect event in Connecticut (CT), Westchester, New York (NY) and Boston, Massachusetts (MA).

Whether you are looking for a high-energy reception, a more reserved, intimate atmosphere or a combination that is energetic yet elegant, Boppers Events will meet with you and work with you to create an ambiance that reflects your style, taste and character.

We know how to entertain, how to keep the focus on the happy couple, how to make all guests feel welcome and how to entice even the most timid guests onto the dance floor. We make sure everyone has a great time. We know how to read a room and how to adjust the playlist to let the party and its’ participants take us where it needs to go. Boppers Events – The Life Of The Party, For The Party Of Your Life!

Boppers Events understands that brides and grooms don’t have it easy these days. Often times you have more to handle than a Hollywood Producer but not to worry … Boppers Events can help by working tirelessly to create the perfect – and stress-free – event!

  • Boppers Events provides unbelievable MCs and DJs that deliver the party of your dreams, whether that is an interactive team or a more conservative DJ.
  • Boppers Events brings the most extensive music selection to every wedding, including any ethnic music you desire (Spanish, Italian, Irish, Greek, Polish, Jewish, etc.).
  • Boppers Events always arrives early, dressing in formal attire and remains approachable throughout the night for your guests’ requests.
  • Boppers Events has top-of-the-line sound equipment and adjusts the volume and tone levels to fit the room and your preference.

Contact us today for more information on wedding DJ and event services and how we can exceed your expectations!


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