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8 Do’s and Don’ts to having a Perfect Wedding Reception

So your sweetheart proposed to you (or you proposed to her/him). Facebook pictures of your ring have reached viral status, engagement photos have been taken for those ‘save-the-date’ magnets, and you’ve picked the perfect place to get married, on what will undoubtedly be a perfect day for you and your loved one — you have officially become the perfect couple.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most exhilarating, beautiful… and stressful endeavors of your life; and why shouldn’t it be? It’s the day to celebrate the fact you have finally found the love of your life, and you want perfect memories that will last a lifetime.

For most, you only get one wedding day (although sometimes life requires several). So to make sure you have the most perfect and memorable day, follow these 8 Do’s and Don’ts of planning your reception:

  1. DO: Have a rain plan

    Karma is a be@ch. More times than not, if you plan like it’s going to rain, it won’t rain. However, if you make no plans and think “its impossible to rain on my day” — it will downpour. Trust. Happens every time.

  2. DON’T: Have another formal dance after the first dance

    It’s one of those moments that you’ve been waiting for your whole life: your first dance with your husband/wife. You’ve picked out the one song that touches your heart in a way that when you hear that first note, it melts.

    The wedding party has just been introduced, mimicking every dance move the movie Hitch has to offer.

    But now, it’s your turn to be introduced as newlyweds for the very first time…

    You burst through the doors like an NFL kickoff team and are surrounded by the love and excitement of your closest friends and family. The music fades and that first note hits.


 This is your moment.



After this touching moment, you only have two options. Yes, only two:

  1. You could sit everyone down for toasts/prayer before the meal… or
  2. You can open up the dance floor to get your groove on before the meal is served.My advice: DO NOT go from your first dance to dances with your parents. I repeat: DO. NOT. DO IT. Why? Because it takes away from that perfect moment you just shared. It makes the dance with your parents just a tad less meaningful, as there are just too many emotions back to back, and you won’t feel how special your parent really is in that moment.Save it for after dinner. Plus, none of your guests want to watch more than one slow dance in a row, it’s way too boring. They all just filmed you for almost five minutes straight… they’re ready to eat and party. We don’t care what your wedding planner, caterer, venue, or even your mother says. Trust us. Just don’t.
  3. DO: Eat up, and eat early!

    This sounds so simple but it’s harder than you think on your wedding day.

    Eat your dinner.

    It’s easy to get lost in the frenzy and excitement of everyone wanting to talk to you, show their love, and offer you tips for your new marriage. It just gets crazy!

    But don’t forget to eat.

    On the rare occasion I see newlyweds forget this, it makes for a difficult night. You’ll get hangry (hungry + angry). Dinner is the time to slow down the pace. Be present. Take your time eating and conversing with your spouse or your wedding party if you’re not at a separate table.

    Be the first to eat. Take your time to slow things down here. Then when you’re done, go ahead and make your table rounds to greet your guests. By the time you’re done with the last you’ll really be ready to party! And if you happen to have a drink at each table, at least you’ll have a full stomach ;p

  4. DON’T: Play boring music during dinner.

    Music is the lifeblood of the party. It’s what we live for as DJ entertainers.

    Even if you’re not hiring us as your DJ, just make sure yours doesn’t play slow smooth jazz or something boring.

    I can enjoy a good Kenny G or George Benson song as well as the next person, but 30+ minutes of that will literally KILL YOUR PARTY!



    Dinner music at a wedding is the soul of the party. Plain and simple.

    You want music that is most meaningful to you and provides a social atmosphere for your guests.

    Start with great, soulful love ballads or something timeless. Your love is timeless — let the music at the start of dinner represent that.

    As the night picks up, switch it into more upbeat and fun songs that fit you. No matter if it’s classic rock, alternative, hip-hop, 90’s pop, choose something that you love! This will get the vibes up while your guests are eating and get them in the party mood. You want people naturally getting up and dancing during the end of dinner, and playing your favorites at this point of the evening will do just that.

    If your DJ starts playing his hour long standard jazz mix, don’t be scared to go up and tell him to stop and do his d@mn job! Otherwise, they’ll suck the life out of the party before it even starts. Truth.

  5. DO: Plan the formality logistics well, but be flexible.

    There are three things that make up the party: Formalities, Eating/Socializing, and Dancing.

    The fact is you want to maximize as much dancing time as possible. Our job as the Emcee/MC (Master of Ceremonies) is to make sure this is executed at the highest level.

    Every wedding is unique, and there are certain things that you’re going to want to do that fit you, and some that don’t.

    Essentials: Newlywed Grand Introduction. First Dance. Toasts.

    Recommended: Wedding Party Introduction. Prayer. Parent Dances. Cake Cutting. Bouquet Toss. Cultural Dances.

    Optional: Anniversary Dance/Longest Married Guests. Groom Thank You Toast. Slideshow.

    Up to you (but, seriously, almost no one does these anymore): Garter Removal/Throw. Dollar Dance.

    Food wise: you’re either doing several courses or a buffet, and a dessert later.

    Try to double up one of these two options when you can. Play a slideshow during dinner or dessert. Do the anniversary dance towards at the end of dinner or dessert to ease people back on the dance floor.

    Just remember: sometimes the catering might need a few more minutes or tends to be early. Your MC should be in control to make sure that the food and formals are happening on time and make the party flow as best it can.

  6. DON’T: Do what everyone else does.


    This is your wedding. Don’t follow the cookie cutter formula you see everytime. Own your day.

    Make up a formality or activity that fits you.

    Chinese lantern fly away into the night sky.


    Family sing along battle.


    Specialty wedding party shots.

    Live stream to family members.

    Wardrobe change costume party.

    Rick-roll your guests.

    Convert the cocktail room to a club after party.

    Whatever suits you, just be you.

  7. DO: Invest in quality entertainment.

    Lets face it, weddings can add up. You’ve got a budget that’s almost impossible to stick to, from the dress & suits, ring, flowers, venue, photographer… the list goes on.

    You may spend 90% of your budget on the above, but 90% of what you and your guests remember will be the entertainment.

    I’m not just saying this because we’re an entertainment company. I’m telling you because you’ll regret it if you don’t.

    In life, you can save for things or spend for experiences. Its the experiences— from concerts to vacations— that make us more happy and are more memorable than material things.

    This past summer I went to my cousin’s wedding in Canada… middle of no where Canada. Seven hour drive past Toronto! It was the most beautiful scenery with lakes, waterfalls, and tall trees. Refreshing; no cell phone or internet reception.

    My cous’ hired the only DJ in that area.

    He was g-d awful. Actual. Worlds. Worst. DJ.

    There was dead air. He did not have the phonetics of the wedding party prepared. I went to go try to introduce them myself- but wouldn’t let me with his ego (most crappy DJ’s have one, beware). He was like “I’ve been a radio DJ for 20 years here in Sudbury.” ‘We DJ in New York and Boston, bro, no one cares about Canada.’ Even with my 10+ years of entertainment experience, I could not overcome his terribleness. And yes, his dinner music stopped time. We had to request every song by the end of the night.

    I doubt (and hope) you’ll ever (never) get entertainment as bad as we experienced… so bad that all we could do is laugh then and now.

    There’s no such thing as a budget entertainment company. My company has been around for 30 years, they DJ’d my party 12 years ago, and I’ve been here for 10+. I’ve seen it all. Here’s the truth: You get exactly what you pay for.

    I’m not saying for you to hire us. But get a MC and DJ that knows good music. One that really cares for you and is there for you. Responsive to e-mail. Prepared and confident. Has a good heart. Find that and you’ll have a great party guaranteed.

  8. DON’T: Worry ☺

    Its your wedding. Guess what, it might rain. Sorry.

    Its the start of married life. This is the best time to learn to plan, be calm, and enjoy your life together.

    Just love every moment. Let it all out and celebrate. That’s all you can really do.

    That’s the KEY DO.

    Boppers Events has been on the forefront of innovative entertainment for over 30 years. To provide yourself and your guests with an unforgettable experience, click here now to get started.

    This article was written by David J. Rubin of Boppers Events LLC. 10+ Years of MC, DJ, & Specialty Event Planning. Boppers proudly serves the entire Tri-State and New England region.

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